Japanese Reset Therapy®

Health and well-being are the highest priority in our life.
This original therapeutic concept was brought from Japan in 2016 to introduce those who suffer from lasting years’ chronic symptoms such as pain.

Thanks to the popularity, introductory offer continues to 31st of August 2023 to give more people the opportunity of discovering the Japanese Reset Therapy® at a special fee of 100 CHF for your FIRST session.

Sessions are processed with your sports wear on, without lotion or cream.

Japanese Reset Therapy® is an innovative therapy to release tension of muscles. Instead of trying to massage the muscles, Japanese Reset Therapy® aims at restoring the neuromuscular feedback circuit between the brain and the muscle, which secondarily leads to a muscular relaxation.

The consequence of this muscle relaxation is the improvement of the blood circulation, the correction of postural defects, and the improvement of your natural healing abilities. As a consequence, all the malfunctions which were the results of a disturbance of the neuromuscular feedback circuit are improved.


The purposes of the Japanese Reset Therapy® are the following :
To balance the entire body by correcting distortions of the body
– To mitigate the cause of symptoms
– To maintain a high level of well-being

By using your natural ability to mitigate, it is possible to maintain a better health condition. Our goal is to help you regain your vitality and to show you how to self mitigate and to stay in good health.


Female from Lausanne (posture, chronic tension around the waist and the back)
Took two sessions in one week before going home to Ukraine

Eri from Crissier ( sciatic nerve pain, low back pain)
“I was suffering from sciatic nerve pain since 2019 and in the summer of 2021 I was no longer able to bend down at the sink to wash my face. At this point, I was also waking up many times at night when I changed my position in bed as the pain woke me up.My first session was on a Friday and I could not believe that I was able to bend down again by Monday. After 6 sessions, I am pain free. After each session, pain decreased day by day for me.The sessions are noninvasive so initially you really wonder if this will have any effect on your body but just be patient and give it few sessions, hopefully you will have your body back like me!”

Kristina from Geneva ( posture problem )
“I first discovered The Japanese Reset Therapy® on the Internet. I had a posture problem in my back/shoulder/neck area. There were some before/after pictures of a lady with the same problem that I had and the results were amazing. I asked for my first appointment with certain skepticism. As soon as I arrived to the first session, Mariko made me feel calm and comfortable. She carefully listened what my problem was. The massage/manipulation she made on my body were gentle but from the first session I could feel the improvement in my posture. Mariko found the source of my problem what was not in my back, but in my hips and affects other parts of my body. She has found other parts of my bodies that I have had problems long time ago with out any information from my side, it was surprisingly good. At present we are working in the whole body and I am very happy with the results that I feel in my daily life. I highly recommend Mariko and Japanese Reset Therapy®. “

* The views and opinions expressed herein are those of the clients and do not reflect the opinions of Company.