Japanese Reset Therapy

Health and well-being are the highest priority in our life.
This original therapeutic concept was brought from Japan in 2016 to introduce those who suffer from lasting years’ chronic symptoms such as pain.

The introductory offer continues to 30th of April to give more people the opportunity of discovering the Japanese Reset Therapy at a special fee of 80 CHF for your FIRST session.

Sessions are processed fully clothed without lotion or cream.

The Japanese Reset Therapy is an innovative therapy to release tension of muscles. Instead of trying to massage the muscles, the Japanese Reset Therapy aims at restoring the neuromuscular feedback circuit between the brain and the muscle, which secondarily leads to a muscular relaxation.

The consequence of this muscle relaxation is the improvement of the blood circulation, the correction of postural defects, and the improvement of your natural healing abilities. As a consequence, all the malfunctions which were the results of a disturbance of the neuromuscular feedback circuit are improved.


The purposes of the Reset Therapy are the following :
To balance the entire body by correcting distortions of the body
– To mitigate the cause of symptoms
– To maintain a high level of well-being

By using your natural ability to mitigate, it is possible to maintain a better health condition. Our goal is to help you regain your vitality and to show you how to self mitigate and to stay in good health.